Unsung Heroes

When I joined the Indian Police Service, my seniors told me about a Rambo-like officer, who would be out patrolling at night, catching criminals. They told me, ‘He should be your role model.’

After all, that is the kind of officer one gets to see in movies.

But years later, a trustworthy officer told me this story. This Rambo ‘crime-buster’ officer had registered hundreds of cases but had little interest in ensuring a good investigation of these cases, which is a tedious, back-breaking job.

In fact, one of his successors, a very methodical but low-key officer, found hundreds of investigation files missing, some literally hidden under the carpet.

‘Catching criminals’ feels glorious, but the real work starts AFTER that.

You see this dichotomy in almost every organization – be it in government, companies, or even politics. The real work is often done by the diligent, understated guys, who get little recognition or appreciation. Nobody thanks them, or makes movies about them.

But it is these diligent guys who keep things running. Whether it is some low-ranking soldier on the border who keeps us safe, or a junior analyst in a company, or a CEO who focuses more on the job than personal PR, the real heroes are often faceless.

– Rajan

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