Unlocking happiness with gratitude

In sixth grade, I started wearing glasses, and then began my nightmare.

While playing, I would get sweaty and the glasses would keep slipping and falling, occasionally cracking the lens. Also, I would keep crushing and twisting them inadvertently during sleep.

As if that wasn’t enough, my eye-power would keep changing and half my childhood, I couldn’t read the blackboard.

I hated it and so envied my classmates for their good eyesight. But did my classmates notice their precious ‘gift’ of good eyesight?

Nope. They never saw the gift because they always had it.

Sadly, we realize the value of things only when we lose them.

And when we don’t see our blessings, our life feels unhappy and barren, and we increase the risk of falling into depression.

We are already gifted beyond measure — we just have to open the gift-wrappers and cherish them.

We shouldn’t have to lose things to see their value. No?

– Rajan

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