Time matters

When I see ads saying “Learn to build a website in 5 minutes” or “Learn XYZ in 10 minutes”, I often wonder, what is the big rush? Do we have only that long to live?

For sure, time is valuable. But so is the thing you are trying to build or the skill you are trying to learn.

Think about it: If something can actually be done in 10 minutes, won’t everyone else do it? E.g., you can create an email id in 10 min, but can’t everyone else? Will having an email id change your life?

I am not arguing for going slow or being inefficient — if something can be done in 1 min, don’t take 2 min.

But the problem is with wanting to ONLY do things that can be done in minutes or ONLY build life-changing skills if it can be done in hrs.

Worthwhile things take time. Learning a sport takes years. So does becoming a pianist. To become a maestro, it takes decades. Imagine someone offering, ‘Learn piano in 2 hrs.’

This shortcut mentality expects miracles. And miracles don’t happen.

If you build a website in 10 min, it will likely be a ‘hello, world’ version. If you learn programming in 6 hrs, you will learn some basic syntax.

Let us make time for what matters. Build consistency. Give ourselves the time to grow. That is what life is for.

– Rajan

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