The best is already here

When I was a kid, our family train travel was rarely in the AC compartment. Therefore, we kids were always sitting near the windows staring at the rivers, mountains, and everything else. India felt so amazing.

But sadly, in the last few decades, even the very rare train travel has always been in AC compartments. Even though it is comfortable, there is no fun in that travel.

You can’t see anything from those dark-tinted windows. You can’t feel India anymore. It is reduced to a commute from point A to point B.

As we go through life, we always feel that the next upgrade, whether a better job, a higher salary, or a fancy designation, will make our life more fun.

But is that always true? Could it not be like the upgrade from non-AC to AC?

Someday, we may look back and want to relive our ‘today’ but sadly it will be too late. But today, it is not.

Live now. The best is already here.

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