Take your time, focus hard, and get it done

In movies, you see heroes spraying light weapons in automatic mode, killing dozens of ‘bad guys.’ In real life, you never do that. Here is why.

An AK-47 will finish a full magazine of 30 bullets in 3 seconds, and they will almost all miss the target. It is so much smarter to take the time to aim and fire a few bullets — that is how real combat happens.

The same thing holds in life as well. Doing lots of random activities without clear goals only expends our effort and time. Don’t do that.

Slow down. Pick a task that really matters — one at a time. Take your time, focus hard, and get it done. Then pick the next one. And the next.

That is how you prevail, in battle as well as in life. One thing at a time. Don’t rush it.

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