Strength from Struggles

Growing up in a strictly middle-class family, we did not have too much money. And it may seem like it put me at a disadvantage. It did not.

In fact, I consider my upbringing my biggest luck. Not having money, I knew that whatever I wanted to do in life, I had to do it myself. There would be no godfathers with money or influence to ease my way through life.

It gave me a burning desire to do something big in life. When I was preparing for the IITJEE exam, my motivation never dipped even for a day – after all, it was the only chance I had to make it (at least that is how it felt at that point).

That burning desire gave me the grit and determination to clear the Civil Services exam – once again, motivation was never lacking. And it also gave me the confidence to quit the IPS job when I felt like doing something else.

I learned to value money but not to worship it. I learned that money is important, but not all-important.

If you face disadvantages or lack of privilege in life, it may look like it will hold you back – not necessarily. Every disadvantage also gives you some strength. Every challenge you face also makes you stronger.

Take it in your stride. Don’t allow life challenges to pull you down.

Turn every challenge and disadvantage into strength. It is possible.

– Rajan

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