Consistency and Persistence

Yesterday, when I needed some medical advice for my dad, I called my friend Dr. Shankhabrata Bagchi, one of the best doctors I know.

And yet, Bagchi has never practiced medicine – he joined the IPS right after his MBBS and was our batch topper.

But such is his love for medicine that his knowledge is no less than that of a practicing MD. Whenever I call him, he not only prescribes medication but also explains the ailment in very simple language.

In fact, during our IPS training, while casually visiting the health center, Bagchi saw a kid who was in pain. He realized that the doctor had misdiagnosed him and he told that the child needed immediate surgery – that saved the kid’s life.

But here is the thing – Bagchi has a busy day job. He heads Vigilance & Enforcement, Armed Police battalions, and Home Guards in Andhra.

Then how does he find time for medicine? He reads about it regularly and keeps himself updated. Medicine is part of his daily life. Even though it has been almost 25 years since his MBBS, he is as updated as if he never left medicine.

When we truly care about something, we find time for it.

Just dedicating small amounts of time, regularly, makes all the difference. Make something a daily habit – you will reach heights even you can’t imagine.

With consistency and persistence, there is very little that is impossible.

– Rajan

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