Risk of failure

The best book has not been written. The best ad campaign has not been created. The best painting has not been painted.

But who will write the next big book? Or create the next big whatever?

The book that beats Harry Potter will probably not be a book about a magic school, nor will its lead character be ‘Larry Potter.’ It will be something we can’t anticipate.

The one who will move away from the ‘success formula’ is the one who will give us that breakthrough.

Formulas are based on what worked yesterday. But tomorrow will not be yesterday’s clone.

However, when you move away from a success formula, by definition, you are doing untested things. You risk failure.

Whether you are a youngster building a career, or a company building a product, the more you go off the beaten path, the more you may have to muddle through failures.

Struggle is part of the journey. Just find the energy to pivot and persevere.

I don’t intend to glorify failure — it is ugly, and painful.

There is no glory in failure but unfortunately, there is also no glory without risking it.

Nothing in this world comes free. The risk of failure is the price of breakout success.

– Rajan

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