Reality and Ego

Years ago, I was at an evening get-together at the house of a senior IPS officer. At that time, as a relatively junior IPS officer, I was heading a city police force.

During the conversation, one senior officer started lamenting about how the quality of IPS officers had gone down.

As proof, he cited this example: When a senior officer had called some district/city police chief for some information, the latter said that he would ask his inspector to call back and give the required information.

This caused such grave affront to the senior officer that he/she went around cribbing about this.

What I did not tell them, is that the offender, in that particular case, was me. I so wish I had done that.

This incident happened during a law and order crisis, when I was in full riot gear facing a mob. In the middle of that, when this officer called, I thought the most efficient way was to get the concerned person to give a callback.

But that was sacrilege. Because more than the information, they wanted their ego to be tickled.

I think half the problems in the world are real. The rest are made up by our ego 🙂

– Rajan


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