Healthy body

Every time I go for a run, the uphill stretches of Trivandrum roads remind me what raw agony feels like 🙂

Yet, when I see people taking a gentle stroll in nearby parks, I don’t envy them — instead, I feel truly privileged.

Why is it a privilege to suffer that pain?

Imagine you have acquired a brand new Ferrari. Will you keep it in the garage forever or will you be craving to take it out for a spin?

Our body is like that Ferrari. If we are fortunate enough to have a body healthy enough to go for a run or do a workout, why would we want to “keep it in the garage” all the time?

Going for a run or a workout is an opportunity, not a burden.

And if you think this is just clever rationalization, think again — when we are sick, don’t we envy the healthy people who can run around effortlessly?

There is no privilege bigger than being able to push ourselves and explore our physical limits (within reasonable bounds).

If someday, you don’t feel like working out, just ask yourself — should the Ferrari stay in the garage or be taken out for a spin?

The answer you get will be the right one.

– Rajan


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