The Magic of the Present Moment

As a kid, every summer, we would visit my native village in UP. In the burning June month, without electricity or amenities, it was a veritable hell. But come evening, things would cool down.

At night, lying on an elevated cot-like bamboo structure (‘machan’), we would stare at the sky, lit with stars. The full moon nights almost felt softly floodlit. I would often wonder about the mysterious vastness of the universe. But at other times, I would also crave better days, when electricity, amenities, and modern comforts would have arrived.

Today, living in cities, we have electricity and cars. But the night sky is just a grey sludge. There are few stars to see — on a lucky day you just might see a handful.

I am not saying the old days were better. Nor are the new days better. Every day is unique. It comes once, and then, never again.

If I could change something, I would probably gaze at the stars even more. But since I can’t change that, why not be present today?

Life’s magic is unfolding around us, right now, as it is, wherever it is. No change needed — it is already perfect.

– Rajan


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