Persistence Pays

Once I was talking to a friend whose extended family had built a pharma business from scratch to worth tens of thousands of crores.

Now, here is the most interesting thing — In 40 years, they become multi-billionaires. But in the first 30 years, by comparison, they were nothing.

Most of the value in the company was created only in the previous 5-10 years of the 40-year journey.

The truth is that big things take time.

Of course, somebody could get lucky. But then, someone could also win a lottery. And even successful entrepreneurs often struggle for years before making it big — we just don’t hear about it.

Worthwhile things take time. Don’t panic because somebody got rich or became successful very fast. That is their journey, this is yours.

Take your time. Stay the course. Keep learning. Keep getting better. Don’t quit.

And when in doubt, remember that there are people who waited 30 years.

– Rajan

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