The pain of discipline

The problem with Netflix binge is not that it is ‘wrong’ – it is about how you feel AFTER the binge.

If someone feels great even after a 6-hour binge, maybe, they should do more of it. I may not agree with their choice, but it is not for me to judge.

However, very often, our momentary craving-driven actions lead to regret and guilt later. Based on my conversations, I have a hunch that 90% people feel terrible and disgusted after a long Netflix binge.

So should one choose a life of focus and discipline?

The answer is simple – trust your own experience. If just giving in to all our cravings gives us long-term happiness, then that is indeed the answer. But very often it doesn’t.

Over time I have learned that most of the magic in life is in doing hard things. When you are building a habit or routine, you don’t have to like it – you just have to do it. Chances are, in a few days or weeks, you will see your life change, and then you will start liking it.

We often know what is right for us. But our mind is messing up things by seeking instant gratification. Unless we override that craving-seeking behavior and build good habits, we can’t be free.

Here is an unpopular message: The pain of discipline is the price of freedom.

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