Growing up, when I was facing my life’s first major exam (IITJEE), I was virtually biting my nails. I would often ponder, “What if I don’t make it? Would I have any future?”

We were not an affluent family. Nobody in our family had been to college — my sister and I were the first. Hence, there was no family money to fall back on, not that I ever wanted that.

However, no matter how unsure I was, one person never had any doubt — my mother.

She would say, “If you don’t make it, who will?” Somehow, that always did the trick. Feeling more confident, I would go back to my slog.

My mother hugely overestimates my ability — I guess that is how mothers are. But even though I knew that her optimism was quite baseless, she gave me the reassurance nobody else could.

At the end of the day, the only thing that will change our life is our hard work and consistency — nobody else can do it for us. All our parents and family can do is give us their unconditional love and support. And that is all we need.

Sometimes, it is good to have irrational people in your life. Especially, mothers.

– Rajan

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