The benefits of a consistent morning routine

When I quit my job to become an entrepreneur, I was thrilled: No more office timings, no need to dread Monday mornings — I would finally be ‘free.’

I could do whatever I wanted, whenever. Every day was Sunday — if I chose to!

Soon, I was working late nights and sleeping in late. I would be creating presentations at 3 am and be asleep at 3 pm.

In no time, my morning workout got compromised and the body clock went haywire. My sleep went for a toss, focus declined, and I was eating at random hours. Mentally and physically, I was struggling.

Ironically, jobs with late nights and long hours do the same to us.

Finally, what helped me escape was building the morning routine and sleeping on time.

Today, I work much longer hours but my morning meditation and workout are sacrosanct — I owe them my life.

True freedom is not bingeing on Netflix till 4 am without any control — freedom is having the physical and mental strength to do things that truly matter.

A good morning routine (workout or meditation – if possible, both) will set you free — do it regardless of when you wake up.

But is it also for people who work long hours? Well, it is especially for them — after all, they are not machines.

And heck, even machines need downtime and maintenance.

– Rajan

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