Finding luxury in simplicity

On a hillock in the jungles of Tripura, we were assigned small huts for our stay in the CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) camp.

This was during the IPS training when we were attached to our paramilitary forces for first-hand exposure to counter-insurgency operations.

During early mornings or late nights, we would often be out in the forests or villages patrolling or conducting grueling operations. But during the day, there wasn’t much to do — I would often just lounge in the bed, reading a book.

The huts just had a bed and a fan — nothing else. No white-linen sheets, walk-in closets, min-bars, or luxuries that I later came to expect when staying in 5-star hotels.

These huts could not have been barer, yet the experience could not have been richer. Since our minds were light and bodies were tired, we slept peacefully.

Years later, I have stayed in rooms costing 500 pounds a night, but sometimes, there was too little time or too much stress to allow you to sleep well.

I am not denigrating material luxury — but they are low-level luxuries.

The biggest luxury is peace of mind and contentment. Unfortunately, that is one thing credit cards can’t buy.

– Rajan

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