Building clarity through journaling

Three years ago, my startup was catastrophically burning cash. We only had cash to pay salaries for 3-4 months. To survive, we had to change the business model. But for that, we needed to survive.

It was a catch-22, without a way out. Or at least, that is how I felt.

But I later realized that I was wrong. There is ALWAYS a way out, howsoever hard or unpleasant — we just need to look around with clarity. But for that, we have to pause and reflect.

In an emotional storm, our ‘fight or flight’ response kicks in and the hardest thing to do is to pause and reflect – yet, without that, we won’t have clarity and direction. And without direction, we will only waste time on random activity, like Brownian motion.

Whenever you feel lost, hopeless, or even just stressed, just take a notebook and write as if you are having an unhurried conversation with yourself.

It will help your emotions subside, give you clarity, and help you see the hidden escape doors — remember, there is always a way out.

– Rajan

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