Life is short

Last few days, I was a bit angry and unhappy with someone. Not so angry as to want to smack his head but angry enough, nevertheless 🙂

So when I woke up today morning, I could feel the anger inside. But what’s the point of carrying anger inside? It is so dumb!

So after my daily meditation, I spent another half an hour doing loving-kindness meditation, wishing everyone well, including the person I was angry with.

Soon after, the sting of my anger was gone – I was feeling quite calm and happy.

Quite often, emotions such as hatred, jealousy, envy, etc. corrode us from inside. Often, our rat race environment makes it feel like you are fighting everyone else.

Even though we know that anger and envy harm only ourselves, knowing it intellectually is not enough – we have to feel it in our bones. And the simplest way to handle these emotions is through meditation.

There are many types of meditations that you can try, which inculcate different qualities, such as concentration, compassion, equanimity, etc.

So the next time you feel angry or envious and are wondering how to let go, you know what to do!

Remember, life is short – let us not waste it hating others. We deserve better.

– Rajan

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