How to break the habit of stress eating

Here is how to break the habit of stress eating.

Every time you unthinkingly shove some snack into your mouth, ask yourself: Am I hungry? Or just bored and anxious?

Stress eating is a classic mindless action that we do on autopilot.

Here is a simple way to override that — you don’t have to fight a battle inside your head. You don’t need an iron will. You don’t need to be a greek stoic warrior.

Just mindfully check-in if you are hungry.

Real hunger shows up in the belly region, physically. Do you feel anything there? If not, you are probably just bored or stressed.

Awareness is the first step. Next, observe how the stress feels in your body.

Relax the tightened muscles if any, release any tension in breathing, and in a few minutes, the craving will dissolve. You can now move on.

– Rajan

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