Many years ago, during a social event, an IPS officer known for obsessive drinking claimed that while serving in the Border Security Force, he had liquor in the deserts of Rajasthan, under the night sky. And that according to him, was the most enjoyable experience man can have.

With all due respect, I believe he was wrong.

Right now, I am in the desert city of Jodhpur (for a family function). And today morning, I discovered the most enjoyable experience in the world — a long run on a wintry morning, pushing your body to its limits.

That is a pleasure money can’t buy, and luxury can’t match.

I sincerely hope that you make as much money as you want and gain solid financial stability. But one thing I can assure you — no matter how much money you have, your happiness will come from other things.

Chances are, the things that make you happy, will be simple and cost little money, but will be hard.

Like death, happiness is also a great equalizer — above a certain financial level, everybody can find happiness but nobody can buy it.

– Rajan


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