Flow state

The fish packet vanished from right in front of my eyes — how the hell did that happen, I wondered!

This happened a few months ago: Sitting in my living room, as I was intently working on my blog, the fish delivery guy rang the doorbell. I absent-mindedly motioned him to leave the packet on the table before me.

An hour later, when I finished the blog post and I looked up — the fish packet was gone.

Wondering if I was hallucinating, I asked my wife. Mildly annoyed, she said, “I picked it up from RIGHT before you, telling you that I am putting it in the fridge. How could you not notice that?”

While I was a bit embarrassed, it is not that I am losing my mind. Here is what happened.

When I write, I often get totally immersed into it and get into the flow state. You may have experienced that kind of total immersion just before a deadline or when playing video games.

In the flow state, your visual focus narrows into a tunnel vision. While you may get occasionally embarrassed like I did, the flow state is the secret of joyful productivity.

We often debate what happiness is or what makes life meaningful.

Personally, for me, getting into flow everyday, working on something meaningful, is what makes life happy.

– Rajan


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