Failure vs a life of regret

Five years into my first job with the Indian Police Service, I was unsure what to do next — something had changed.

In the beginning, everything was just so exciting — nothing like anything I had done earlier. After spending years doing crazy math in the name of electrical engineering, enforcing law in the real, messy world was a refreshing change.

Having never faced a crowd of even five people, I was now routinely handling 5,000 strong mobs; not to forget, the crafty politicians, cranky bosses, and crooks of every shade. Everything was new and challenging.

What could be more fun? 🙂

But what was challenging the first time, soon became routine. It took me 15 nervous days to prepare for my first VVIP visit. The 3rd one took two days.

Once the learning stagnated, the challenge was gone.

What next?

Many civil servants face this situation. But then, the usual doubts creep in: Should you give up a prestigious job that guarantees a rise to the top? What if you try something and fail?

On the other hand, what if you never try? How would you know what you were capable of?

Often, the choice is between the risk of failure AND the risk of a life full of regret.

Pick one.

– Rajan


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