Anger reveals our weakness

During my stint in the Civil Services, the most powerful person I ever worked with was the Kerala Chief Minister, which at that time was Mr. AK Antony.

And when we think of powerful people, what is the imagery that comes to one’s mind?

Maybe someone who shouts down others or terrifies everybody with their angry outbursts. Yet, the then Chief Minister was the calmest person I have ever come across.

I never saw him raise his voice even once, and I now realize why – he did not have to be angry because he had the authority to act.

Anger reveals our weakness, not strength. In fact, this is one crime I have often been guilty of and feel deeply embarrassed about.

The next time we get angry, we have to remind ourselves that anger is a weapon of the weak – the strongest voice is in fact the softest one. Let us try and be strong.

– Rajan

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