What truly changes our life?

At my last job with a private equity firm, we had retreats at some really fancy hotels.

At one of them, as part of the ‘evening service,’ the hotel staff would leave an array of small perfume bottles on the bed to help you sleep better.

For sure, it felt like luxury. But would it make you sleep better? Unlikely.

If the mind is racked by anxiety and worry, no perfume will help with sleep.

We try to solve a lot of problems with money and luxury. But quite often, the answers are much simpler.

In fact, a workout during the day would be a much better enabler of sleep than fancy perfumes.

Whether it is to sleep well, stay healthy, or more generally, live a good life, money and luxury can only do so much – the only thing that truly changes our life is building good habits.

Sometimes, the answers are much simpler than we realize.

– Rajan

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