Why do we meditate? Are there really any benefits of meditation?

From celebrities to world leaders — everyone keeps talking about how meditation is their “superpower”. 

But if you’re new to meditation, things get confusing. 

On the one hand, you have all these people raving about how incredible meditation is. But when you sit down to meditate, you end up lost, confused, or bored. Your experience is nothing like what everyone seems to be talking about. 

Plus, there are way too many techniques and explanations out there. There’s mantras, there’s music, there’s chanting, there’s guided meditation. 

Chances are you may try a few things, not see the benefits, and then give up. It’s happened to everyone, me included. 

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That’s why, with our HabitStrong Meditation Series we want to break down what meditation is all about. In a way that’s logical, scientific, and accessible. 

In this video, I start from the very beginning — what is meditation all about, and what are the everyday benefits of the practice.


Here is a suggestion — start with a 15-20 min mindfulness meditation tomorrow. Fix a time, and sit down and do it. Commit to doing it for 6 months without any expectations and it will change your life — 100%

If you prefer to experience the benefits of meditation through a guided practice, you can apply to one of our free sessions or join our bootcamp

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