User engagement

Here is an easy way to destroy your life.

Start the day by checking WhatsApp, and then get sucked into a vortex of endlessly checking Facebook, Instagram, online news, Twitter, whatever…

Keep repeating the cycle, and by evening, you will be a worn-out, empty shell.

But did all your time REALLY go waste? No.

Your time was fragmented, chopped, and sold to advertisers by social media companies. Some entrepreneur will add up all the time sucked from your life, and call it a metric – ‘user engagement’.

Your life has become a metric for someone, who will raise hundreds of crores from VCs because he successfully sucked up your time. VCs will gleefully clap at rising ‘user engagement’ – the dead corpse of your destroyed day.

And this VC money will be used to create even more hooks to further increase ‘user engagement’.

I wish my rant above was a hyperbole. It is not.

The situation is dire. You have two choices: become someone else’s metric OR rule your destiny.

Make your choice.

– Rajan

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