Unreasonable people

During my first stint in the IPS as an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), one day, an IGP (Inspector General) called me, directing me to release a bus I had seized for violating some rules.

In the uniformed forces, saying ‘no’ to your boss is very hard – almost unheard of. Furthermore, in the IPS hierarchy, for an ASP, an IGP is unimaginably powerful.

Yet, I was so rash that I told him point-blank, “Sorry sir, I can’t release the bus.” The IGP was so shocked and surprised that he almost laughed.

Years later, I had become more ‘mature’ and less confrontational. But I also wonder – was I becoming softer? I still believe that I never compromised on principles, but I wouldn’t give a bloody nose to anyone trying to poke into law enforcement like I would do earlier.

I am not justifying rudeness or rash behavior – but sometimes, one has to be a little unreasonable.

If you were to ask me, which version of myself I like more, I have to confess – I like the ‘rash version’ more than the ‘mature’ one.

To the youngsters reading this, let me remind you: Today, you might envy the senior people, who have better ranks, salaries, and perks. But you have a huge superpower – you have less to lose and have not been softened by the world.

So take risks, speak truth to the power, and occasionally annoy people when it is merited. And as you grow older, don’t become too mature.

The world also needs some unreasonable people.

– Rajan


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