Unique Privilege

My biggest privilege has been that I did not grow up in a wealthy, privileged family. Growing up, we had enough money for necessities, but not enough for random indulgences.

For many people in my situation, the hunger for success and the drive came naturally – parents never had to give you motivational speeches.

When I see billionaires’ kids, I see their privileges but I also see things they will never experience and life lessons they will miss out on. I am absolutely NOT implying that wealth is bad, but just that everything carries a price – even wealth, luxury, and power.

Whatever be our upbringing, wealth, college degrees, or pedigree — our life situation has taught us something unique. Everything we perceive as a weakness and limitation has also given us some strengths.

E.g., the IIMA guy can pitch to the VCs much better than the poorly-educated kirana store owner, but the latter understands cash flows way better than any MBA. Everyone has something unique.

If you ever feel that life has not been fair, you are probably overlooking the strengths and advantages you do have.

There is more talent, energy, and potential inside us than we ever realize. Don’t settle. Keep pushing the boundaries. That is the only way you will ever know.

– Rajan


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