Too Much is Too Much

Two decades ago, during a lunch at some government function, I first met Mr. Karunakaran, former Chief Minister of Kerala. On his plate, there was just one appam (a dosa-like item) with some vegetable stew.

Seeing him eat so little, I later asked his aides, ‘He ate so little. Is he well?’ They said, ‘Yeah, that is how much he eats.’

Mr. Karunakaran lived to the age of 92 and was sprightly like a youngster. And he was not an exception. Recently, former minister KR Gouri Amma died at the age of 102.

A typical Kerala politician in the seventies is fitter and more active than the average 55-year-old in other parts of India.

What keeps them so young?

Partly, the answer is — eating less. We don’t need to eat a ton of food to stay healthy. Excessive eating does more harm than good.

Further, in Kerala, a multi-millionaire eats the same food as a poor middle-class guy. There is little pretentiousness, including in eating.

Whether it is food or other comforts, the human body needs only so much. In the name of living better and luxury, we keep wanting and buying more — it doesn’t work; we only lose our health and peace of mind.

Beyond a point, consuming more only makes us unhappier and die sooner.

Try consuming less.

– Rajan


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