Happiness is in the now

The guy working in a small company wants a job at Amazon. The one in Amazon doesn’t want to work at all. We all want to jump out of our current life; we want it to be somehow different.

That is what creates stress. Because, while we can change our tomorrow, how can we change what already is?

The answer to stress is simple: Accept your reality without judgment (also called ‘mindfulness’). Remember, the present moment is perfect by definition since it is ALREADY here. Accept that, and your stresses start melting away.

Mindfulness is the secret to a stress-free and content life.

In fact, ‘Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction’, pioneered by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the US in the 1970s, is considered a gold standard therapy for handling stress.

Ironically, Jon Kabat-Zinn learned mindfulness from Buddhist monks but we ourselves overlooked its importance. Yet, it is never too late.

While meditation is a formal way to train in mindfulness, the latter can be practiced in many ways. Just savoring our food slowly is mindful eating; so is smelling the flowers in our garden.

Mindfulness is simply the ‘now.’ That is where happiness is.

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