Uncomfortable Means You’re Growing

During my four years in college, I was late for classes almost every single day.

And after a while, it became a hardwired habit. So much so that if some day I got ready for class on time, I would feel like something was off – I would worry that maybe, I forgot something!

So I would check my table drawers, dilly-dally around, and lo and behold, I would again be late for class – now, it felt familiar 🙂

When our habits get really hardwired, no matter how harmful they are, they give us a sense of comfort and familiarity.

If you are trying to change your life – be it by building a new habit, taking up an unfamiliar job role, or moving to a new city, it will feel unfamiliar.

And that unfamiliarity makes you uncomfortable – you feel like you are doing something wrong. No, you are not.

That discomfort is telling you something important – “You are on right track.”

– Rajan

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