The time to live is now

When I was in school, I believed that the ‘real life’ would start in college – school was just a prep for it.

But during college, I felt that real life will start once I begin working. When I took up my first job in the Indian Police Service (IPS), I got so busy that I again forgot to live – and soon I had another goal – to do an MBA.

So I assumed that real life will start with the MBA. But soon, I was caught up in the daily grind and job search. It now felt like the post-MBA job is when I would really start living, king size.

But even the job did not feel like the final thing – I now wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Now, as an entrepreneur, I have finally realized that there is no start date for life to begin. In fact, life has been passing by while we have been busy.

If we are always preparing to start living, when are we going to actually live?

Life has already started the day you were born. And as imperfect as life feels today, even when you have a better job or a bigger bank balance, life won’t be perfect.

The time to live is now – starting today. Don’t wait for the perfect, fairy-tale life before you start living – your life today is totally worthwhile. Live it fully.

Life won’t give you a second chance. This is it.

– Rajan

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