Simple things that really work

Whatever little goodness I have in my life, I owe it to simple, straightforward habits. All the fancy-sounding self-help formulas, often using terms like ‘energy’, ‘vibrations’, and ‘consciousness’, are mostly nonsense.

As an example, when I woke up today I wasn’t feeling great. But after 45 min of intense workout, with sweat pouring, I felt transformed.

But you know the problem with exercise? It sounds too simple – almost mundane. ‘Inner energy’ and ‘infinite consciousness’ sound a lot cooler.

Similarly, ‘mind control techniques’ sounds so much cooler than asking to meditate by observing the breath.

However, the real magic is ONLY in the simple stuff. We just need to do them consistently.

And here are some simple things that REALLY work:
– Sleeping and waking up on time.
– Exercise.
– Reading regularly.
– Focused work.
– Being persistent.
– Long walks in nature.

And you don’t have to do all of these at once – even if you just exercise daily, you are already ahead of most of humanity.

Next time you hear about some fancy life-improvement formula, ask yourself – what is the boring alternative that I am not doing?

Nirvana always lies in the simple boring stuff. That is the fun thing about life – but that is also its tragedy.

– Raja

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