The secret of insane productivity

If you call my colleague Nisha on her phone, you will hear a ticking sound in the background. That is the secret of her insane productivity – I have never seen a person get more work done.

Here is what she does:

1. From morning till late afternoon, she only works in focus sprints of 30 minutes each.

2. During the sprint, a timer is ticking in the background, constantly reminding you that the ‘focus mode’ is on. She uses a chrome extension for the timer.

3. For each sprint, she picks one task and works on it without switching attention or checking the phone or email.

In those 5 hours or so, she is able to move mountains.

That is how she single-handedly gets more work done at HabitStrong than 2-3 people normally would.

We often assume that there is some mystical secret to high productivity. Nope. The secret is just this: Don’t switch attention when working on a task. Do one thing at a time.

That is the secret of not just productivity but also flow – total absorption in one task.

Try it out – I promise you will love it.

– Rajan

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