Build focus and Reclaim your time

Here is an easy tip for building focus and reclaiming your time.

Whenever you are working, keep your phone outside your arm’s reach. To grab your phone, you should have to get up.

Here is why this works.

We check our apps to escape boredom and frustration. And when we do it repeatedly, our brain hardwires that behavior, putting it on autopilot – often, we pick up our phone without even realizing it.

Over time, just the sight of the phone lying in front of us is enough of a trigger to pick it up.

When the phone is outside your arm’s reach, you have to make a deliberate effort to pick it up – it can’t be an autopilot behavior. That itself is often enough to overcome your craving.

It sounds really simple but it does work. Just try it and see for yourself.

– Rajan

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