Maximize productivity in a world of distractions

All you have is 30,000 hours. That’s it.

Today, there is a new ‘gold’ in town — no, it is not bitcoin. It is not oil. That is what Instagram, Facebook, and others are fighting for — our time and attention.

Only we have the gold they need. Only we can make them rich, at our own cost. And most of us did that yesterday. We did that last week, and last year.

And we seem to keep doing it.

We are giving away our gold freely, like ‘attention billionaires.’ Sadly, you are not an ‘attention billionaire’, nor am I — nobody is.

Humans can do no more than 4-5 hrs of deep, focused work every day. In a 30 year work-life, that is an upper limit of about 30,000 hrs. No more.

The clock is ticking. Time is running out. The ball is in our court.

How we use our time and attention today is what our life will become tomorrow.

We got to reclaim our life. It is about time.

– Rajan

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