The Price of Dreams

During my BTech days, when my classmates aiming for a Master’s or PhD in the US were slogging hard, the aimless folks like me were taking it easy.

I remember often pitying those people, and occasionally, even making fun of them.

But very soon, the tables were turned. In the final year, when these folks got their admission letters from US universities, they were all celebrating and chilling out. People like me had nothing to celebrate. At that moment, all their slog appeared totally worthwhile.

Even though I never aimed for higher studies, that was one moment when I did feel a tinge of regret.

Anyway, time flew and soon, it was my turn to slog for my Civil Services exam. At that time, all these guys with admission offers from the US were just hanging out, having fun.

The one lesson I learned is that if you have a dream, you have to pay a price.

You can pay the price now or you can do it later – but you can’t not pay the price. Then why not pay it now?

– Rajan

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