Stop looking for hacks

There is no hack to become rich or fit or well-read. There is no viral hack for your marketing. There is no easy way to master any subject or become an accomplished musician or a standout athlete.

In short, there are no shortcuts.

Of course, some people may get lucky. A Dollar Shave Club video may go viral. But that way, you could also win a lottery ticket.

However, can winning a lottery be a plan? If not, then how can ‘going viral’ be a marketing plan?

Needless to say, hard work has to be combined with smart thinking. But smartness is not a shortcut; it is just an efficient way to channelize your hard work.

A shortcut is an escape from hard work and hard thinking. And you can’t escape that.

The day we stop looking for ‘hacks’ is the day our life will start going up. And then we will discover the universal hack that ACTUALLY works.

In fact, I lied to you – there is a hack that works every single time.

And that hack is ‘consistency.’

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