Health comes first and foremost

An investment banker friend of mine working with Goldman Sachs in New York once told me that in their office gym, you would find people running on the treadmill even past midnight.

Being an investment banker is a grueling job – people often work more than 100 hrs a week. And despite that, some of them found time for fitness!

When I was with McKinsey, some of my colleagues would bike long distances on weekends, and some even ran marathons, despite the busy schedule.

If there is one regret I have in my life, it is this – I ignored my health early on in my career. For almost a decade, I worked very long hours, giving little time to my health. Thankfully, I realized my mistake and have maintained a high level of fitness for more than a decade.

Working long hours at the cost of your health is not a matter of pride – it is stupid. Don’t do it.

If I could give one piece of advice to everyone, it would be this – don’t ignore your health no matter how intense your job is.

If you are not healthy, no matter how much money, success, or fame you get – it is all meaningless.

Health comes first and foremost, always.

– Rajan

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