Grind Behind Glamour

During my IPS training, we were excitedly waiting for the weapons training, imagining how we would be gloriously firing and hitting targets in the firing range. However, here is how the real training happens.

First, you are taught the different parts of the weapon. Then you learn to strip, reassemble, and clean it. After that comes clearing the weapons when it jams during firing. Then you learn how to aim.

Only after that do you get to the firing range.

Turns out, pulling the trigger is the easiest part – anyone can do that. But what do you do when the weapon jams? And in the first place, how do you ensure that the dirt and grime do not cause the jams?

Whether in life or in business, all the outward glamour is like pulling the trigger. The real thing is the grind in the background, without which there would be no glamour in the first place.

– Rajan

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