Focus on the Process

As a kid, during our train travels, when we got close to the destination, I would be constantly pestering my parents, “When will the station arrive?”

And in that process, I would totally miss out on the fun of the journey or the beautiful scenery outside the train.

That is the worst way to go about anything — be it a train journey or a long-term project or achieving a big life-goal.

We obsess about the end outcome but we ignore the task at hand. When doing an online course, we keep wondering when it will get over. When learning a new skill (e.g., coding), we keep thinking about when we will become a coding ninja.

And while we longingly obsess about the outcome, we forget to work on the task that was due today. That is not how you get anything done.

Instead, focus obsessively on the process; the things you need to do every day. And every time you stick to the process, give yourself a pat on your back and celebrate. The only wins that matter are these small wins.

So here is the secret to achieving any goal, no matter how big — “Obsess about the process, not the outcome.” Rest will just follow.

– Rajan

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