Stay humble and Walk alone

Many years ago, I met this person who had degrees from the world’s top-tier universities and an exceptionally stellar career. The only thing this person had not done was a startup.

In fact, she had come up with a startup idea but to be doubly sure, she asked each of her family members – “What kind of startup idea should I be working on?”

My first thought was, “If you are seeking consensus, you will not do something as crazy as giving up a great career path to do a startup.”

I am not saying that seeking feedback on a startup idea is wrong – in fact, it can be extremely useful. But if you are doing an opinion poll, looking for consensus, then that is not the startup mindset.

In fact, that person never did any startup.

And this is true not just about startups but anyone looking to carve out their own path, rejecting the conventional wisdom. In that journey, you walk all alone.

And if you succeed, when people glorify you, remember that you could very well have failed. And if you fail, and everyone deserts you, remember that you could have succeeded – don’t beat yourself up.

If you want to make a dent in the world, stay humble and walk alone – that is your destiny.

– Rajan

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