Change your beliefs

Two decades ago, I was sitting with a good friend and college senior who had recently relocated to Trivandrum after a PhD in the US.

He was talking about how much he missed running and how moving back to India had disrupted that habit.

I asked him, “Why not restart? What is the obstacle?”

He said there was no place to run in Trivandrum. Back in the US, there were such lovely running trails near his place. I convinced him that Trivandrum had a stadium with a professional running track and we could easily get a membership.

But he kept coming up with other objections — too much workload, too little time, and so on. I kept debating, trying to overcome each objection.

Finally, he said, “Look, this Trivandrum weather is terrible for running. How can you run when it is so hot and humid?”

At that point, I gave in. After all, we could not change Trivandrum’s weather.

If we really want to get something done, we will find a way. Else, we will find an excuse.

Sometimes, what is possible depends on what you believe is possible.

Change your beliefs. Everything else will follow.

– Rajan


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