The high cost of being busy

I was once attending a drug addiction conference in Melbourne, where the speaker on the stage had lost his beloved son to a drug overdose.

He started by talking about the loss of his son, and how he could not get timely medical help when he overdosed. After his son’s death, he became a renowned activist in the field of drug addiction.

He read out his long list of awards and honors, and then said, “All these honors have meant a lot to me, but I would give them all up in a heartbeat, just for 10 minutes with my baby.”

Yet, sadly, he would never get those 10 minutes.

As we run around, chasing our goals, we probably forget that the time with our loved ones is more precious than anything this world has to offer.

Even when we give our people the time, we rarely give them our full attention — sometimes we think about work, other times, our smartphones distract us.

Our time on this planet is finite. Don’t deny your time and attention to people who deserve it.

Life won’t wait for us till we aren’t busy.

Find time today.

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