Three things to achieve any goal

Whether it is working on my startup or preparing for the Civil Services exam, I have never needed motivational videos or a pep talk to get going.

In fact, you ONLY need these three things to achieve any goal:

1. Take up a goal only if you are willing to happily accept pain and discomfort to achieve it. Else, don’t take it up — very few things in life happen effortlessly.

2. Give up the hope of finding shortcuts. There are none. Grind is the way. Period.

3. The best time to start working for your goals is now — later is never.

The straight path looks long only because we haven’t started. Once you start, the toughest goals get achieved with incremental progress.

Thinking about things is the hard part — doing them is easy. Don’t overthink. Just get started. Today.

– Rajan

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