Win Your Day


4-week bootcamp to turbo-charge your mornings and begin each day with a productivity spike

​Start your day with live meditation and journaling. Follow it up with live focus sprints for Deep Work. By the time it's 12 PM — you have already aced your top priorities for the day.

What's included in the bootcamp?

Here is what you will get in the 4-week Win Your Day


Morning meditation and journaling (5 AM or 6 AM)


Daily 50 min focus sprints, with group accountability

2x a day, 5 weekdays


3-hour deep work marathon every Saturday

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Robust support & guidance

What's the day-to-day like?

A glimpse of the day-to-day schedule of 4-week Win Your Day

  1. At 5 AM or 6 AM, start the day with a morning routine of LIVE guided meditation and journaling

  2. Do an intense 2 hour focus sprint to complete the most important tasks for the day

  3. Often, experience the flow state during deep work

  4. Give yourself a daily head start and build a 'no-excuse' mindset

  5. Before 12 PM, you have already accomplished most of what you wanted to do that day

  6. By starting with a win, the rest of the day is relaxed and under control

Ready to turbo-charge your mornings and enjoy joyful productivity?

Upcoming Batch Schedule & Fee

Want to join the next batch of Win Your Day?



23 Oct - 19 Nov 2021



4 Weeks

INR 4,000

(3 day refund period)

Registration cut-off:

22 Oct, 5 PM IST


  • Mon-Fri LIVE meditation followed by journaling, at 5 AM or 6 AM IST.

  • Mon-Fri Live Deep Work sessions

    • 7:00-9:00 AM IST OR

    • 10:00 AM-12:00 PM IST

  • Long Deep Work session on Saturdays

    • 10:30 AM -1:30 PM IST

  • Q&A support to answer queries. 


Choose your deep work slots subscription:

Mon-Fri - Pick one slot or both 

Saturdays - Common to all 


What participants say

"I used to be awake till 2 AM for the last 2 years, thanks to a hectic Bschool schedule. This was further fuelled by Work-From-Home and the pandemic.


With the bootcamp, I built an early morning routine of meditating, journaling, and working out. Then I finished so many pending projects with the deep work sessions."

Suraj Murali
​Business Consultant


"With technology and constant connectivity, my ability to do deep, focused work had become limited.


I would never have realised the importance of focus if I had not joined this bootcamp. Thanks for giving me that time back in my life when I do really quality work and get that deep satisfaction."

​Apoorba Kumar
Executive Director
EC Council

"This bootcamp helped me finish my planned work before 12 PM each day.


Theoretically I knew many of these concepts on deep work, but implementing these theories in a group with people to guide mande all the difference."

Anjali Rajvanshi
Subject Matter Expert

Get a head start on your day

Don’t let stress, anxiety, and shallow distracted work ruin your day. Instead, give your morning a massive head start with meditation, journaling, and deep work. Do this consistently and change your life.

Wake up and crush your morning
How our morning goes is how our day goes. Calm your anxiety and get a grip on your emotions with live guided meditation and journaling for self-reflection. Once recharged, you are ready to conquer the day.
Unlock massive productivity spike and experience the ‘flow’ state
With deep, focused work, effortlessly get the most important things done before noon. Our 50 minutes sprints help build intense focus and beat distractions. Also, you often experience the joyful state of ‘flow’, when you lose track of time and routine annoyances.
Discipline and human accountability
Build iron-resolve and discipline with our morning routine and get ready to take on life’s challenges. Our team supports you with frequent check-ins and encourages course-correction when we see you getting off-track. There are no bots here, it’s all about human accountability.
Stop procrastinating. Train your brain for focus
If you have been sabotaging yourself with procrastination and distracted shallow work, stop! Quit these negative behaviours and train your brain to do focused, productive work. 

FAQ - Win Your Day

What should I do during the deep work focus sprints?

Work on a meaningful task that is suitably challenging and requires some concentration. You will gain the most out of the focus sprints when you come prepared with tasks that are suitable for deep work. Shallow work like responding to emails is not recommended for the focus sprints.

Do you offer a refund policy?

Yes! We offer a 100% refund if you withdraw from the program within 3 days of the start date. The first 3 days will give you enough time to understand how the program works.

What are the daily activities in Win Your Day bootcamp? What do I have to do?

The Win Your Day bootcamp runs as 4-week cohorts. Once you enroll in the program, you will be invited to attend an orientation session. This session is compulsory attend for you to continue in the program. We will share the detailed timetable and other resources after the orientation session. From the next day onwards you will start attending the morning routine and focus sprints. Morning routine The sessions start with a live guided meditation at 5AM or 6AM. You may pick one time slot as you prefer. You must attend this slot consistently from Mon-Fri. After the meditation, we will do journaling together. You will also plan for the day ahead during this time. Deep Work Focus Sprints Mon-Fri, we have focus sprints from 7AM-9AM and 10AM-12PM. You may join one or both of these sessions depending on your subscription. On Saturdays we have a 3 hour marathon session where many participants get some serious work done. You will track your morning routine progress using a habit tracker and submit weekly updates. You may ask any questions that you have using our Q&A facility and we will answer them for you.

I may not be able to attend every day. Are all sessions compulsory?

This is what the schedule is like. Morning routine You must attend the morning sessions at 5 AM or 6 AM (depending on your chosen batch) from Mon-Fri. If you are unable to attend a session due to some genuine emergency, please let us know and we will excuse you for that day. Deep work sprints We recommend that you attend at least 3 focus sprints in a week. You may choose any days that you like. Enroll for the program only if you have a conducive schedule. The only non-negotiable requirement that we have for the program is that you show up on the days that you have committed to.

I am not in India. Can I still enroll?

If you are not in India, it may not be convenient for you to attend our 5 AM or 6 AM IST morning meditation sessions and our focus sprints at 7 AM and 10 AM IST. If you can attend the sessions in these times (IST), you may enroll. For US residents who want to build a morning routine with meditation and journaling, you may want to check our Become A Morning Person (BMP) bootcamp which includes everything in the Win Your Day bootcamp, minus the deep work sessions. We offer BMP for IST, EST, and CST time zone.

I want to opt for the morning routine alone without the deep work sprints. Can I do that?

If you want to attend only the morning sessions, please check our Become A Morning Person bootcamp which focuses on building the morning routine. We have 5 AM and 6 AM batches.

5 am is too early. I am unable to wake up at 5. Will you give me a call?

No. This program does not include wake-up calls. We provide the guidance for you to adopt an evening wind-down routine which will help you wake up at a consistent time. If 5 am is too early for you, we also offer a 6 am batch.

When does the next batch of Win Your Day start?

Please check Upcoming Bootcamp Schedule for more details about the next batch.

Who conducts the guided meditation sessions?

The guided meditation sessions are led by qualified and experienced meditation guides who have undergone a rigorous selection process.