REBOOT - Digital Detox & Rebuilding Focus

REBOOT will make discipline the cornerstone of your life, and reboot your mindset. If you are determined to fight back digital distraction and want a fresh start, this Bootcamp is for you.

Every day, we get sucked into constantly checking WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and the like, and by evening we are drained and defeated. These online distractions are fragmenting our time, destroying our focus, and making us feel helpless.

As a result, we lose our discipline and routine - we wake up and sleep at odd hours, and our stress levels shoot through the roof. We start procrastinating and lose our confidence.

And yet, all we do is watch helplessly as time slips through our fingers, like sand.

To regain control, we need a mindset change and not just some tools to block your browser or mobile apps. Reboot helps you make that mindset switch and make discipline the cornerstone of your life.

What we do in the Bootcamp

  1. Build a morning routine of meditation,  journaling (join us at 5 am, if possible)

  2. Build an evening routine of digital switch-off and planning the next day 

  3. Our founder will train you in using habit-building techniques to beat digital distractions

  4. We give you tools to track progress and overcome obstacles

  5. We support you in overcoming struggles and challenges

  6. We give you a community to share your learnings and hold yourself accountable

  7. We train you in focused-reading habits and practicing solitude

You will acquire the mindset of military discipline and mindful living


Bootcamp details

Start date: 19 Oct 2020
Duration: 4 weeks
Fee: Rs. 4,500

We're currently offering the bootcamp for a discounted fee.

Standard fee is Rs. 8000.

The fee is subject to change without further notice. However, if anyone has already paid for a program, we guarantee the lower price for that person.

This is an invite-only program. Please apply to join the waitlist if you are fully committed to meeting all the requirements of the bootcamp.

How to apply

Apply now to join the bootcamp. We will evaluate your application and send the payment link to shortlisted candidates.

We're located in the tranquil capital of Kerala, Trivandrum. This is our address:

 T.C.5/2568(5), TJRA Nagar, 158C, Pippinmoodu




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