Become A Morning Person

4 weeks of morning mindfulness
(5am / 6am)
Lower stress levels, build iron-discipline and focus.

Daily morning LIVE meditation and journaling
5 AM, 6 AM batches (IST time zone)
With real human touch, we help you build a life-changing morning routine

What’s included in this 4-week bootcamp?

Morning routine building
(5 AM or 6 AM)
Community interaction
Robust support & guidance

Upcoming Batch Schedule & Fee

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Become A Morning Person?



17 Jun - 14 Jul 2024
Registration cut-off:
16 Jun, 5 PM IST

Duration: 4 Weeks
Fee: INR 6000 INR 3000
(3 day refund period)


  • LIVE guided meditation Mon-Fri
    • 5 AM, 6 AM IST​
  • Journaling with prompts immediately after meditation
  • Interaction with peer group
  • Q&A facility to answer queries

What’s the day-to-day like?

A glimpse of the day-to-day schedule of 4-week Become A Morning Person

  1. Sharp at 5 am or 6 am, you start the day with us, with a morning meditation
  2. We then do journaling together, after which, you work out on your own and update us
  3. You follow an evening switch-off routine before you go to sleep
  4. We advise on overcoming any challenges you face in following the routine
  5. We will hold you accountable and train you in using a habit-tracker
  6. You can interact with a community of like-minded individuals
This morning routine is a keystone habit which improves productivity and lowers stress levels.

Why Become A Morning Person?

Show up consistently and build a life-changing morning routine. Build discipline and resolve. We support you every step of the way.

Win the morning with a power-routine

This program is about building a routine that makes you bullet-proof. Start your day sharp on time with a live guided meditation and journaling. We ask you to show up consistently and support you to make it happen. With the human touch and support, you will break the initial resistance and gently ease into the morning habit.

Practical, not theoretical. Live sessions. Real human support.

Our team supports you through regular check-ins, encouraging course-correction when necessary, and answering all your questions. Our highest priority is to make you act and develop the actual practice. We do this through daily LIVE sessions, robust human feedback, and Q&A support.

Lower stress with mindful mornings. Regain control.

Mindfulness is scientifically proven to reduce chronic stress and anxiety. In the bootcamp, you will start each day with guided mindfulness meditation to relax your mind. You also get access to a community of like-minded peers who support and encourage each other, whom you can share your experiences with.

Best way to build discipline and resolve, and change your life

We help you crush your craving mind the first thing in the morning. It gives you the confidence to push through any challenges you face during the day. You find time for your physical/mental health and self-care. Journaling gives you clarity on how to bring about the changes you need in your life. There can be nothing more life-changing than this morning routine.

What participants say about BMP bootcamp

FAQ – Become A Morning Person

When does the next batch of Become A Morning Person start?
Please check Upcoming Bootcamp Schedule for more details about the next batch.
I am not in India. Can I still enroll?
Becoming A Morning Person is a LIVE morning mindfulness meditation program. We start the day at 5 AM or 6 AM Indian Standard Time.

Some participants outside India enroll because they want to join the meditation. If you want to attend the meditation at 5 AM or 6 AM IST in your local time, you are welcome to enroll. Please mention this in your application and we will consider it.

Who conducts the guided meditation sessions?
The guided meditation sessions are led by qualified and experienced meditation guides who have undergone a rigorous selection process.
What tradition of meditation do you follow?
Our meditation sessions are secular and rooted in science. We do mindfulness of breathing meditation and body scan practice proven to reduce stress.
What activities are included in Become A Morning Person?
BMP covers the following:
– Waking up consistently at 5 AM or 6 AM (you may pick a batch)
– Mindfulness meditation
– Journaling for self-reflection
– Developing a consistent evening routine and planning for the next day
– Weekly meetings with a like-minded peer group
– We give you tools to track progress and overcome obstacles
– We support you in overcoming struggles and challenges
– We give you a community to share your learnings and hold yourself accountable
How does the program work? What do I have to do?
The BMP bootcamp runs as 4-week cohorts. Once you enroll in the program, we will send you detailed information and an orientation video. Watch the video before you join the first session.

The morning meditation will start at 5 AM or 6 AM, Mon-Fri, depending on the batch you have chosen.

After the meditation, you will also do journaling along with the community. Journaling is a time for self-reflection and planning. You must maintain a small notebook for journaling during the course of the bootcamp.

You will track your daily consistency on a habit tracker. You will also interact with your peer group on a weekly meeting.

You may ask any questions that you have during our Q&A sessions, via email, or in the community (WhatsApp group and the website community).

5 am is too early. I am unable to wake up at 5. Will you give me a call?
No. This program does not include wake-up calls.

We provide the guidance for you to adopt an evening wind-down routine which will help you wake up at a consistent time.

If 5 am is too early for you, we also offer a 6 am batch.

Are all sessions compulsory? What if I miss a session?
You must enroll for the program only if you have a conducive schedule. The only non-negotiable requirement that we have for the program is that you show up. Every day.

If you are unable to attend a session due to some genuine emergency, please let us know and we will excuse you for that day.

How do I enroll?
Click on “Apply now” (in the Upcoming Bootcamps section) and submit the form to join the bootcamp. We will evaluate your application and send the payment link to shortlisted candidates.
Do you offer a refund policy?
Yes! We offer a 100% refund if you withdraw from the program within 3 days of the start date. The first 3 days will give you enough time to understand how the program works.