Become A Morning Person

This program forges a new routine for you - wake up early, meditation at 5 am, followed by a workout. This keystone habit will make discipline the centerpiece of your life.

There is nothing more powerful than starting your day with meditation at 5 am, followed by journaling and workout. It gives you a massive boost of energy and confidence, lowers your stress, and gives an unmatched sense of control.

By 7:30 am or so, before the day's madness and the email frenzy starts, you are already prepared to attack the day. 

This 5 am routine is truly life-changing. Combine this with an evening switch-off routine, and you are all set for a disciplined and stress-free life. ​You have the energy and focus to relentlessly push towards your goals.

While this morning lifestyle may not suit everyone, a vast majority of us would benefit from it. Combined with the evening routine of sleeping early, you will cut down on time-waste and live a better life.

In this program, we walk with you and make you adopt this routine.

What we do in the Bootcamp

  1. Sharp at 5 am, we start the day with you, with a morning meditation

  2. We then do journaling, after which, you work out on your own and update us

  3. You follow an evening switch-off routine before you go to sleep

  4. We advise on overcoming any challenges you face in following the routine

  5. We will hold you accountable and train you in using a habit-tracker

  6. You can interact with a community of like-minded individuals

Bootcamp details

Start date: 19 Oct 2020
Duration: 4 weeks
Fee: Rs 1,500

This is an invite-only program. Please apply ONLY if you are fully committed to meeting all the requirements of the bootcamp. At the moment, Become A Morning Person bootcamp is offered only to participants in India.

The standard fee is Rs 3,000 but we are currently offering the bootcamp at a discounted fee of Rs 1,500

The fee is subject to change without further notice. However, if anyone has already paid for a program, we guarantee the lower price for that person.

Once you apply, we will evaluate your application and send the payment link to the shortlisted candidates.


We're located in the tranquil capital of Kerala, Trivandrum. This is our address:

 T.C.5/2568(5), TJRA Nagar, 158C, Pippinmoodu




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