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We conduct regular free activities that are open to all
These are our upcoming events

Flow and Deep Work - extreme, joyful productivity

Date: 19th June, Saturday

Time: 9:30 AM IST

Looking for a way to stop doing 'busy' work and start doing productive work instead? Whether you want to work on a side hustle, solve a coding problem, or write a book — deep work is the only answer. Experience the power of deep work and focus in an experiential session with Rajan.

Mindfulness Meditation Session

Date: 12th June, Saturday

Time: 4:00-5:30 PM IST (6:30- 8:00 AM EST)

Mindfulness meditation focused on ‘awareness of breath’ gives us mental clarity and trains us to be present and build concentration. In this event, Rajan will explain the basics of mindfulness meditation, and do a live guided session. We will explain the nuances of meditation and also do a Q&A.

Information Session with Rajan

Date: 16th June, Wednesday

Time: 7- 8:00 PM IST (9:30 - 10:30 AM EST)

Our bootcamp participants routinely say that the 28 days they spent in the Bootcamp changed their life? So how do these bootcamps work? And are they right for you? Rajan hosts a live information session every week to answer these questions and more.


Bringing life clarity through Journaling

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

For most of us, life seems to have become an endless game of catch-up. We're focusing on everyday, urgent things without figuring out what we want for ourselves in the long-term. And how we can get there. In this workshop, Rajan shows us how journaling can solve this problem — with a combination of theory and practical techniques. 

Coping with Stress and Anxiety

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

We're dealing with an unprecedented situation as COVID sweeps across India. Most of us are experiencing distress and anxiety on a daily basis. In this session, we will share some actionable techniques on finding resilience and dealing with this anxiety.

Unlocking Happiness with Gratitude 

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

It may sound strange – but this one practice has the power to change the way you live your life. In this workshop, Rajan talks about the science behind the daily practice of gratitude – and how we can implement it in our daily lives to find more joy and fulfilment.